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Pacifica The Musical features a catalogue of the biggest Kiwi Pop songs, all original song and artists in the musical are below.

  1.  "Pukaea" by Hinewehi Mohi

  2.  "Language" by Annie Crummer

  3.  "Roimata" by Brother Love

  4.  "The Ace of Space" by Sola Rosa

  5.  "Chains" by Che Fu

  6.  "In The Neighbourhood" by Sisters Underground

  7.  "Falling in Love Again" by Anika Moa

  8.  "Humanised" by Sola Rosa

  9.  "Will You Be The One?" by Hollie Smith

10.  "Screams For Tha Old Plantation" by King Kapisi

11. " Brothaz" by Nesian Mystik

12.  "Arithmetic" by Brooke Fraser


13. "Roimata" by Brother Love

14. "Message To My Girl" by Neil Finn

15.  "Everything" by P-Money

16.  "Black Box" by Stan Walker

17.  "Who Are We Fooling?" by Brooke Fraser 

18.  "Scarlet" by Brooke Fraser

19.  "Lost" by Six60

20.  "It’s On" by Nesian Mystik

21.  "Kotahitanga" by Hinewehi Mohi

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