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Pak is the brain child behind Pacifica The Musical.  Having worked with acts including INXS, Talking Heads, Simple Minds, U2 and Elton John. Pak has produced many large scale events throughout his lifetime career in the entertainment business

"This started for me in the early 80s on tour in America, that comparison you have when you go from your home to another culture you get really immersed in it, so it’s been a long journey from there to the year 2000 and deciding that a musical was a really good vehicle to share the things from this place."

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musical director/director

Jacob Nansen is the musical genius behind Pacifica The Musical. Nansen is the founder of Notable Ltd. When he isn't on stage with Stan Walker, jamming out with Teeks or making music with Melodownz you will find him contributing to his community. 

"I just felt like I needed to be part of it you know; just sitting there listening to the songs, and just hearing the story again, properly. And Pak’s walking me through the show and it’s, just like, man, you’re already adding your creativeness to it.”

Hadleigh Pouesi



Hadleigh Pouesi, whose Sweet & Sour crew brought back New Zealand’s first gold medal from the World Hip Hop Championships is the choreographer behind Pacifica The Musical. 

"We need to push our Pacific flavour, the stories of Te Moananui a Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean) out to the world. I think this is a beautiful waka to do this with. Our Pacific people can feel proud, that these stories are being told...their stories are up there with worldwide content."


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nick afoa

vocal coach/director

Nick Afoa is the vocal coach and co-director of Pacifica The Musical. Best known for his performance as Simba in 'The Lion King' the world's most successful musical. Nick is working alongside our musical director, Jacob Nansen, to mentor the incredibly talented cast. 

“Pacifica the Musical brings together music that we all know and love as Kiwis. It has this really deep story of love and loss and talks about things that I think make sense to our people in terms of breaking generational curses. I think even though the show is really light and for families, it’s also very uplifting for us all."


costume designer

 Eithne is the lead costume designer, head of hair and make up. Eithne has had a diverse career as an independent hair and make up creative for fashion, film, commercials and branding. Eithne brings her wealth of knowledge and creativity to the show through the lens of her Tongan ancestry.  

“The story starts over three hundred years ago in pre-colonial times.. and takes us to the present. This show is more extravagantly filled with life and colour than other shows I’ve done before. It’s exciting.” 

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delainy kennedy

digital scenery


Delainy Kennedy is the master behind the digital scenery that takes the audience through the journey of Pacifica The Musical. Delainy is the Creative Director at Artificial Imagination founded in 2021 after his return from Berlin. Delainy, with support from Rachel Neser, has created immersive visual production that assists in bringing the show to life.


lighting designer


Jason Steel is the lighting designer on Pacifica The Musical. Jason has followed his passion for lighting for 18 years designing and operating medium to large-scale shows and international events, including television broadcasts, concerts, immersive experiences, corporate events and art installations. Jason's affinity for lighting and his refined talent brings that extra flare to the world-class production of Pacifica The Musical. 

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